Matrix Cube Jet

Matrix UV printer

* (590x1200) inc. Vacuum Set



UV technology that prints up to 40 cm in height; materials ranging from plastic and wood to stone, metal and glass.
Stemming from a special customization by demand project, Matrix Cube Jet can print on objects up to 40cm in height. Just like the regular UV series, it offers 4 different table sizes (120x60cm to 110x250cm). It also has a rotary adapter to print on cylindrical and conus objects. All of our UV series come with CMYK + W+ Gloss, providing your print outs with especially vivid colors, as well as the opportunity to print up to 5 layers in one pass. All of our UV printers are Braille certified, and comply with the ADA Standard.
Matrix UV printer

Matrix Cube Jet

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